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Приводной клиновой ремень C-3100 (C120) [Roulunds]

Classical V-Belt C22x3100 (C120) [Roulunds]

  • H23950
  • Product code: AV-1987

Designation: C22x3113 (ISO4184, DIN2215) C120 (RNA/MTPA IP-20); C(B)-3110 (GOST1284-80); HC123 (ASAE 211.4, inches designation); 22F3124 (ASAE 211.4, metric designation) Application: C/22 section classical wrapped V-belts Features: ROFLEX performence Manufacturer: Roulunds...

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    Drive V-belt C-3100 (C120) [Roulunds]

    Manufacturer: ROULUNDS
    C22x3113 (ISO4184, DIN2215)
    C120 (RNA / MTPA IP-20);
    C (B) -3110 (GOST 1284-80);
    HС123 (ASAE 211.4, marking in inches);
    22F3124 (ASAE 211.4, marking in millimeters)

    Straw chopper drive

    ROULUNDS (Denmark), is part of CONTI-TECH (Germany)

Weight, kg1.14
Working length, mm122, 3100
Section width in mm22
Inner length, mm119, 3048
Height (profile) in mm14
Length outside in mm122.4, 3136
  • Жатка кукурузная JOHN DEERE
  • 600

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