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Приводной клиновой ремень C-2770 (C107) [Roulunds]

Classical V-Belt C22x2770 (C107) [Roulunds]

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Classical-section C22 wrapped V-belt for harvester combines: Case-IH, Claas, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Sampo  

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    Drive a wedge C-2770 belt (C107) [Roulunds]

    Manufacturer: ROULUNDS
    C22x2783 (ISO4184, DIN2215)
    C107 (RNA / MTPA IP-20);
    C (B) -2780 (GOST1284-80);
    HS110 (ASAE S211.4 - marking in inches);
    22F2781 (ASAE S211.4 - marking in millimeters)

    Drive belt mechanisms combine harvesters

    Execution ROFLEX

    ROULUNDS (Denmark), enters CONTI-TECH (Germany)

Weight, kg0.8587
Working length, mm2770
Section width in mm22
Inner length, mm107, 2718
Height (profile) in mm14
Length outside in mm2806

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