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    In this catalog you can find spare parts for engines of European manufacturers such as:







    John deere

    And other types of engine, the entire catalog is at your disposal, successful orders and purchases!

  • Reaper
  • Corn reaper
  • Combine harvester
  • Baler

    Baler - reliable assistant farmer

    Forage, fodder and hay for the animals is one of the most labor-intensive processes in the farming operation. To facilitate human labor is widely used special machinery for agricultural purposes. Baler allows for the collection of hay from the ground, drive in and pack it and transport to the destination. Forages, harvested, with the participation of such technology, in the form of sealed pressing, pelletizing or briquetting.

    Seasonal intensive work on these machines leads to frequent breakdowns. And because spare parts for balers are the most important point for maintenance. If your miracle technique fails to work and you know the reason for failure, we recommend to contact us in search of the necessary parts and components.

    For example, in our virtual catalog you will find spare parts for CLAAS. Excellent and reliable automatic chain lubrication will allow you to minimize the cost of routine maintenance equipment and prolong service life of the roller chain. Straps baler offered by us ensure the reliability of the frame of the belt.

    Parts Sipma, available here, will allow you to optimize the work of art of this famous brand. We offer:

             sections of gear;
             needle steel and cast iron;
             fingers knitting;
             Cord Grips.
    This and other products from trusted manufacturers, you have the opportunity to order from us at any convenient time.

    Parts welger - Pick-up from the German manufacturer also offered us an extended range. You can always buy the necessary parts to ensure smooth operation of all the mechanisms of nodes. Here you will surely find: belts rolls on the footage, gear, knives, knitting, drums, plates, splined sprockets and more.

    Cooperating with us, you will provide its equipment quality spare parts at a reasonable price.

  • Tractor

    Tractor needs of original spare parts

    Every farm, providing the work on the ground, be sure to have in their arsenal are several types of specialized agricultural equipment. Most farmers often use tractors. Smaller versions of this technology are considered to be extremely popular and also the owners of country houses, cottages, gardens. By purchasing "garden helper", you can count on a solution to the problem of mechanization of the total volume of garden work.
    Like any constantly working mechanism, tractor necessarily require appropriate care, which is unthinkable without the acquisition of special spare parts. Spare parts for tractors, properly selected and purchased on time, can significantly reduce the risk of work stoppages in the most important moment. We offer many different parts of the modern manufacturers. Choosing original spare parts, you Protect your equipment from unexpected failures and significantly save finances.

    Parts Same with us - it's advanced production technology, a wide range of models, versions and combinations of the original product. When ordering from us, you can always be assured of exceptional quality of every detail, which ensures a high service life of your vehicle.

    Parts Case we provided as crankshafts, hydraulic pumps, generators, nozzles and other components. All that interests you, you can choose in full confidence in comfort all the products we offer.
    If you urgently needed spare parts to John Deere - not worth spending a lot of time looking for them. We offer an opportunity to choose all that you will give the tractor a second life. In the presence of - a huge selection of O-rings and clamps bolts to the engine repair kit.

    Choose and buy, because your success and well-being depends on how much you are willing to invest in the repair and maintenance of its equipment.

  • Sprayer
  • Rotary mower

    Rotary mower

    The mower is one of the most common varieties of agricultural machinery. With its help, you can prepare forage for cattle, remove grass before processing arable land, maintain proper appearance along highways or plantations. Of all the types of similar technology, the rotary mower is very popular due to its simplicity and reliability of construction, compact dimensions, ease of use and high functionality.
    Agrovik offers a wide range of spare parts for rotary mowers of various manufacturers on favorable terms. At your service quality guarantee, reasonable prices, high level of service, prompt processing of the order, convenient methods of payment.

    In the catalog of our online store there are dozens of spare parts for rotary mowers:

    • protective covers;
    • Drive shafts;
    • gears;
    • knives;
    • Bushings;
    • cuffs;
    • bearings and much more.

    All the presented products have the necessary certificates of conformity. After all, we work exclusively with reliable and proven manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts and components, whose products are well-deserved recognition from agricultural workers.

    Spare parts for rotary mowers at an affordable price

    The rotary mower is currently widely used both in small farms and large agricultural holdings, as well as in communal and forestry enterprises. This is a very convenient, reliable and functional technique. Rotary mowers can be hinged, trailed and semi-mounted. A wide variety of designs makes it easy to choose the equipment that is most optimal for various tasks.

    Despite the simplicity and reliability of rotary mowers, they often fail during intensive operation. The reasons for this can be very different: from simple wear and tear to mechanical damage. In any case, the owner of agricultural machinery is in urgent need of repair.
    In our online store you can order and purchase at an affordable price spare parts for the operational repair of rotary mowers. With our help, you will avoid long downtime of equipment and material losses. Call and order, we are always in touch!

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