• Engine

    Buy quality spare parts for combine engine

    If you own a combine harvester, you know how important a well-functioning engine is. But even the most reliable engine can fail if its parts are not replaced on time. In this article, we will talk about how to buy high-quality spare parts for a combine engine.

    Why do you need high-quality spare parts for a combine engine?

    High-quality spare parts for the combine engine not only ensure its smooth operation, but also extend its service life. In addition, they help save money by avoiding repeated repairs and replacements.

    How to choose high-quality spare parts for a combine engine?

    1. Determine the make and model of the harvester.
    2. Explore the spare parts catalog in our online store, based on the manufacturer of your combine.
    3. Select the necessary spare parts for combines.
    4. Read the specifications and reviews of the selected spare parts.

    Where to buy high-quality spare parts for a combine engine in Ukraine?

    1. From an authorized dealer, but not always they can quickly deliver or are in stock. harvester.
    2. Our specialized online store of spare parts for harvesters will quickly deliver everything you need.

    What you need to know when choosing spare parts for a combine engine?

    1. Don't skimp on the quality of parts.
    2. Avoid buying fakes and non-original parts.
    3. Contact our specialists if you have no experience in choosing spare parts for a combine harvester.
    4. Check the compatibility of the selected parts with your combine.

    How to install spare parts for combine engine?

    1. Follow the installation instructions that come with the parts.
    2. If necessary, contact our specialists.

    How to properly care for the combine engine?

    1. Check engine oil and fluid levels regularly.
    2. Pay attention to the appearance of unusual sounds and vibrations.
    3. Perform regular engine maintenance.
    4. Clean the air filter and replace it in time.
    5. Change oil and filters as recommended by the manufacturer.

    What are the benefits of buying quality spare parts for a combine engine?

    1. Extended engine life.
    2. Improving the reliability and safety of the harvester.
    3. Reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and accidents.
    4. Save money on repeated repairs and replacements.

    Are we a reliable supplier of combine harvester parts?

    1. We have extensive experience working with suppliers.
    2. Good reputation and feedback from customers.
    3. There are certificates and guarantees for products.
    4. Acceptable prices.

    When choosing high-quality spare parts for a combine engine, you should not save on their quality, as this can lead to damage to the engine itself and increase the cost of its repair and replacement. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations when installing spare parts. Regular inspection and care of the engine will help keep it in good condition and extend its life.

    What are the benefits of buying original spare parts for the combine engine?

    1. Guarantee that spare parts meet quality and safety standards.
    2. High reliability and durability of spare parts.
    3. Optimum compatibility with other combine components.
    4. Support for technical documentation and manufacturer's recommendations.



    1. How often do you need to change the oil and filters in the combine engine? It is recommended to change oil and filters every 100-150 hours, or as recommended by the manufacturer.
    2. What are the features of caring for a combine engine in winter? In winter, increase the engine warm-up time before starting work, check the operation of the power supply system and change the oil to a low viscosity oil.
    3. How to choose the right type of oil for your combine engine? To select the right oil, you should be guided by the recommendations of the combine manufacturer and take into account the climatic conditions and the type of work performed by the combine.

    When choosing spare parts for a combine engine, you should focus on the quality and reliability of products, as well as on the manufacturer's recommendations. Regular engine care and oil and filter changes as recommended by the manufacturer will help prolong engine life and ensure safe and efficient combine harvester operation.

  • Reaper

    How to choose and buy a header for a tractor in Ukraine

    Buying a quality tractor harvester is an important step to increase the productivity of agricultural work in Ukraine. However, choosing the right header for your tractor can be difficult, given various factors such as size, crop type, tractor horsepower, and more. In this article, we will look at the key factors to consider when choosing a header for a tractor in Ukraine.

    Header dimensions and type

    The first factor to consider when choosing a header for a tractor is its dimensions. Headers of various sizes are available on the Ukrainian market, and the choice depends on the size of the field to be harvested. Headers of various widths and lengths are available on the market, from 3 to 12 meters wide and from 1.5 to 9 meters in length. In our catalog you will find various models both by model and by manufacturer.

    header type

    The next factor to consider when choosing a header for a tractor is the type of crop to be harvested. Headers vary by crop type, such as wheat, barley, rye, oats, corn, sugar beets, etc. Each header type has its own characteristics and the choice must be made based on the type of crop to be harvested.

    Tractor power

    How to determine tractor power

    The choice of header for the tractor also depends on the power of the tractor. When choosing a header, the power of the tractor must be taken into account so that the header can operate at maximum productivity. Tractor power is usually quoted in horsepower (hp) or kilowatts (kW). To determine the power of the tractor, you can refer to the tractor manufacturer's documentation or find this information on the plate on the tractor.

    How to choose a harvester depending on the power of the tractor

    Depending on the power of the tractor, you need to choose a header of the appropriate power. For tractors with low horsepower (up to 80 hp), it is better to choose smaller headers to ensure their optimal performance. For tractors from 80 to 120 hp it is advisable to choose medium-sized headers (from 4 to 6 meters wide). For tractors over 120 hp you can choose headers of larger sizes (more than 6 meters wide).

    Header performance

    When choosing a header for a tractor, you also need to consider its performance. Higher capacity headers can deliver faster harvesting speeds, which in turn improves work efficiency.

    Header quality

    The quality of the header is also an important factor when choosing. Higher quality headers can provide longer life and lower maintenance costs.

    header price

    The price of the harvester is also an important factor when choosing. Higher quality headers may cost more, but investing in a quality header can pay off in the future due to its long life and higher productivity.

    Buy a harvester for a tractor in Ukraine

    Harvesters for tractors can be bought in our online store specializing in the sale of agricultural machinery. Available spare parts from various manufacturers. We can offer the best options for headers depending on your needs.


    1. How do I determine the correct header size for my tractor?
    2. The dimensions of the header must match the power of your tractor. Smaller headers are best for low power tractors, medium headers for medium power tractors, and larger headers for high power tractors.
    3. How to choose a header for harvesting a particular crop?
    4. Different types of headers can be used to harvest different crops. For example, for harvesting wheat, it is better to use headers with a width of up to 4 meters, and for harvesting corn - headers with a width of more than 6 meters.
    5. How to maintain and maintain the header?
    6. Regular maintenance is recommended to keep the header in good condition, including checking and replacing defective parts, cleaning and lubricating moving parts. It is also necessary to monitor the correct operation of the header while working in the field.
    7. How to choose a harvester with a good price/quality ratio?
    8. To select a header with a good price / quality ratio, it is recommended to contact trusted manufacturers, compare the characteristics and reviews of other users, and seek advice from professionals in this field.
    9. Can I buy a header for a tractor on credit?
    10. Yes, many stores and dealers offer the possibility of purchasing headers on credit, so before buying it is worth clarifying this possibility and familiarizing yourself with the terms of credit.

    Choosing a header for a tractor is an important step to increase the productivity of agricultural work in Ukraine. Factors to consider when selecting a header include header size and type, tractor power, header performance and quality, and price. Buying a quality header can be an investment in the future and guarantee more efficient work in the field.

  • Corn reaper

    How to choose a corn header for a combine

    If you are growing corn, then you need to have the right harvesting equipment. A corn header for a combine is a device that allows you to quickly and efficiently collect corn from the field. An essential piece of equipment for anyone who grows corn. However, before buying, there are several factors to consider in order to choose the right header. In this article we will tell you how to choose a corn header for a combine.

    The first and most important factor is the size of the combine. Headers come in a variety of widths, so you need to choose a header that matches the size of your combine. For example, if you have a 3 meter wide harvester, then you should not use a 2.5 meter wide header. In this case, you need a header that will match the width of your combine.

    The second factor is the distance between the corn rows. Different headers have different row widths. Therefore, in order to select the right header, you need to know the distance between the corn rows in your field. If you are going to harvest corn with a row spacing of 70 cm, then you need a header with a row spacing of 70 cm.

    The third factor is the type of corn. There are different varieties of corn, which can differ in the size of the cobs and the number of rows. Therefore, in order to choose the right header, you need to consider the type of corn you are going to harvest. Some headers can only harvest a certain type of corn.

    The fourth factor is the header type. There are two types of harvesters: rotary and drum. Rotary headers have higher productivity, but they are also more expensive. Drum headers are less productive, but they are more reliable and easier to maintain. The choice of type of header depends on how often you will use it and what tasks it should perform.

    The fifth factor is header performance. It is determined depending on its width and type. The larger the header, the higher its productivity. However, a large header can be awkward to use, especially if you have a small field. Therefore, in order to choose a header with the desired performance, you need to consider not only its width, but also the size of your field and other factors.

    The sixth factor is the availability of additional features. Some headers have additional features that can make them easier to operate. For example, some headers have an automatic cutting height adjustment system, which reduces the time it takes to set up the header before starting work. Also, some headers have the ability to install special nozzles for collecting other crops.

    The seventh factor is the budget. Headers can be priced differently, so you need to determine your budget before choosing a header. If you cannot afford an expensive header, then it is better to choose a cheaper one that is suitable for your needs.

    The eighth factor is the brand. Some header brands may be more reliable and have a better reputation than others. Therefore, if you want to choose a high quality header, then pay attention to well-known brands.

    The ninth factor is the warranty and after-sales service. When choosing a harvester, you need to pay attention to the availability of a guarantee and service. A good harvester should have a guarantee for several years and good service.

    The tenth factor is user reviews. Before buying a harvester, it is useful to read the reviews of other users about the harvester you have chosen. This will help you understand its advantages and disadvantages and make a more informed choice.

    So, the choice of a corn header for a combine is a responsible and complex process that requires many factors to be taken into account. However, if you consider all these factors and make the right choice, you will get a header that will perform its functions efficiently and simplify your work in the field. On our website there are all kinds of spare parts for the corn header, you can contact our specialists and they will help you make the right choice.

  • Combine harvester

    Spare parts for combines: where to buy and how to choose

    The combine is an indispensable assistant in agriculture, which allows you to reduce the time for
    harvesting and reduce labor costs. However, like any technique, a combine
    requires regular maintenance and replacement of worn parts. On the website of the distributor Agrovik,
    you can choose and buy high-quality spare parts for harvesters.

    How to choose the right spare parts for harvesters

    The first thing to determine when choosing spare parts for combines is the original parts or
    analogues. Genuine parts are manufactured by the combine manufacturer and differ
    higher price, but guarantee reliability and durability. Analogues are produced
    third-party manufacturers and can be of both high quality and medium quality.

    Quality of spare parts for harvesters

    When choosing spare parts for harvesters, you need to pay attention to their quality. quality
    spare parts are durable, reliable and not subject to rapid wear. Low
    the quality of spare parts can lead to frequent breakdowns and increased replacement costs. We have on
    the site has a large selection of spare parts for combine models in the catalog.

    Compatibility of spare parts for combines

    Another important factor when choosing spare parts for combines is their compatibility with the model.
    harvester. Not all parts are suitable for all models, so be sure to
    compatibility before purchase. We have many different brands of harvesters in stock.

    Where to buy spare parts for combines

    One of the ways to buy quality spare parts for harvesters is to contact the official
    dealers. But this can take a very long time. We also offer original spare parts,
    which guarantee reliability and durability. All spare parts are of high quality and certified.

    Agrovik online stores

    To buy spare parts for combines is a search in online stores. On other sites you can find
    original spare parts and analogues. When you choose our online store, you get
    a guarantee for a quality and certified product from the manufacturer. We have an impeccable
    reputation and good reviews from buyers.

    Agricultural machinery stores

    Also, spare parts for combines can be purchased at agricultural equipment stores. Such shops
    specialize in the sale of spare parts for agricultural machinery and can offer a wide range of
    spare parts for various models of combines, but do not always have the right ones for your
    combine spare parts.

    How often do you need to change spare parts for harvesters?

    The frequency of replacement of spare parts for combines depends on the operating conditions, operating mode and quality
    spare parts. However, it is recommended to regularly check the condition of the parts and replace them at the first
    signs of wear.

    How to choose high-quality spare parts for harvesters?

    High-quality spare parts for harvesters are durable, reliable and not subject to
    rapid wear. To select quality spare parts, you need to pay attention to their
    manufacturer, seller reputation and customer reviews.

    Correct output of spare parts for combine harvesters

    Spare parts for combines are an important element in the maintenance of agricultural machinery. At
    when choosing spare parts, it is necessary to take into account their quality, compatibility with the model of the combine and the place
    purchases. Compliance with these rules will help to avoid frequent breakdowns and increase the cost of their

  • Potato harvester
  • Baler

    Spare parts catalog for balers

    If you need spare parts for square balers, we recommend that you contact our Agrovik online store. Square balers are widely used in fields of various sizes. Without it, the full-fledged work of organizations whose activities are related to the collection and sowing of field crops is impossible. Square balers compress the product evenly into bales and keep it of high quality, which is important in farming. Thus, they greatly simplify the life of modern farmers. However, like any equipment, these units can fail.

    Spare parts for any model

    Here you will find a wide range of spare parts for balers of all models and configurations. They have numbers: FORTSCHRITT, WELGER, NEW HOLLAND, CASE, CLAAS, MASSEY FERGUSON, JOHN DEERE and others.

    Original spare parts are manufactured by leading European manufacturing plants and are of high quality and reliability. They will regularly serve for more than one year, provided that the equipment is properly cared for.

    Parts for square balers Claas and Welger

    If, when choosing spare parts for bale pickers, you decide to opt for an analogue (for example, Welger), we are ready to offer excellent quality parts and accessories at a better price. They will not yield to expensive parts for their characteristics.

    Realization of products is possible wholesale and retail. Most items are always in stock (for example, Claas or Welger), so you don't have to wait for the part for the bale pickers to arrive at the warehouse of the online store. We have special conditions for cooperation with regular customers. We are ready to provide assistance in choosing the right parts and accessories for your agricultural machinery. Hurry up to buy really high-quality products with maximum convenience!

  • Tractor

    Find the best quality » Tractor Parts » for your farming needs

    meta description: Looking for quality tractor parts to keep your farm equipment running smoothly? Read on to find out everything you need to know about finding the best parts and suppliers for your tractors. is a reliable supplier of spare parts for tractors. Our company offers only high-quality spare parts from leading manufacturers.

    Our online store provides a wide range of spare parts for tractors. We know how important it is to have access to reliable spare parts to keep your equipment running at a high level. Our company delivers spare parts throughout Ukraine.

    As a farmer or tractor driver, you know how important it is to keep your machinery in good working order. A breakdown or malfunction can lead to costly delays and even crop damage. That's why finding reliable tractor parts is essential to keep your farm equipment running smoothly.

    In this article, we will look at the different types of tractor parts available on the market and help you find the best quality parts. Whether you are looking for replacement parts for your John Deere, Massey Ferguson or any other brand of tractor, we have you covered. So let's get started!

    Types of "Tractor Parts"

    When it comes to tractor parts, depending on the make and model of your tractor, you may need several different types of parts. Here are some of the more common types of parts:

    1. Engine parts: These include but are not limited to pistons, cylinder liners, bearings and gaskets.

    2. Transmission details. These include gears, shafts and bearings that are essential for the smooth operation of your tractor transmission.

    3. Hydraulic Parts: These include the hoses, cylinders, valves, and pumps that control the flow of fluid to the various parts of your tractor.

    4. Electrical Parts: These include batteries, alternators and starters that are needed to start and power your tractor.

    5. Body parts. These include hoods, fenders and other external components that can be damaged by wear and tear.

    How to find the best quality in tractor parts

    Finding quality tractor parts is critical to keeping your farm equipment running smoothly. Here are some tips to help you find high quality parts in our catalog:

    Product quality

    Product quality is the main criterion by which we select manufacturers of tractor spare parts. We guarantee that all products that you purchase in our online store meet the highest quality standards.

    Availability and fast delivery

    Our company provides delivery services throughout Ukraine. We know how important it is to receive your order as soon as possible, so our delivery service is fast and efficient.

    Expert advice

    We care about our customers and provide expert advice in choosing the necessary spare parts for tractors. Our experts will help you choose the best spare parts for your equipment and answer all your questions.

    Can I use replacement parts instead of original parts for my tractor?

    While replacement parts may be cheaper than original parts, they may not always be of the same quality. The use of original spare parts guarantees the trouble-free operation of the tractor and the absence of damage to other parts.

    How do I find the right spare parts for my tractor?

    In order to find the right parts for your tractor, you need to know the make, model and year of manufacture of your tractor. This information will help you select the correct parts for your tractor model. You can find this information in the documentation that came with your tractor.

    If you are not sure which parts you need, you can contact our specialists. They will help you find the right parts based on the make and model of your tractor.

    How to check the quality of tractor parts?

    The quality of tractor parts can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and supplier. In order to check the quality of spare parts, you can pay attention to the following points:

    Performance: Quality parts should keep your tractor running smoothly and safely.

    Materials: Parts made from high quality materials will last longer and won't fail as quickly.

    Warranties: Our online parts store provides warranties for its products. This proves that we are confident in the quality of our spare parts and are ready to fix any problems.


    Finding quality "Tractor Parts" is an important task for every farmer or tractor operator. Choosing the right parts will help you avoid unexpected breakdowns.

  • Rotary mower

    Rotary mower

    The mower is one of the most common varieties of agricultural machinery. With its help, you can prepare forage for cattle, remove grass before processing arable land, maintain proper appearance along highways or plantations. Of all the types of similar technology, the rotary mower is very popular due to its simplicity and reliability of construction, compact dimensions, ease of use and high functionality.
    Agrovik offers a wide range of spare parts for rotary mowers of various manufacturers on favorable terms. At your service quality guarantee, reasonable prices, high level of service, prompt processing of the order, convenient methods of payment.

    In the catalog of our online store there are dozens of spare parts for rotary mowers:

    • protective covers;
    • Drive shafts;
    • gears;
    • knives;
    • Bushings;
    • cuffs;
    • bearings and much more.

    All the presented products have the necessary certificates of conformity. After all, we work exclusively with reliable and proven manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts and components, whose products are well-deserved recognition from agricultural workers.

    Spare parts for rotary mowers at an affordable price

    The rotary mower is currently widely used both in small farms and large agricultural holdings, as well as in communal and forestry enterprises. This is a very convenient, reliable and functional technique. Rotary mowers can be hinged, trailed and semi-mounted. A wide variety of designs makes it easy to choose the equipment that is most optimal for various tasks.

    Despite the simplicity and reliability of rotary mowers, they often fail during intensive operation. The reasons for this can be very different: from simple wear and tear to mechanical damage. In any case, the owner of agricultural machinery is in urgent need of repair.
    In our online store you can order and purchase at an affordable price spare parts for the operational repair of rotary mowers. With our help, you will avoid long downtime of equipment and material losses. Call and order, we are always in touch!

  • Spare parts for Cargo...

    Spare parts for semi-trailers, Spare parts for moving floors

    Everything for the repair of moving floor systems brands: Cargo Floor, STAS, HÜFFERMANN

  • Consumables
  • Special machinery
  • Tillage

High-quality spare parts for agricultural machinery - this is a mandatory condition for its reliable operation and the lack of unexpected business downtime. Company - a huge catalog of spare parts for machinery that is involved in all aspects of agriculture. Thanks to direct supplies from manufacturers, we can offer you the original import spare parts:

Spare parts for engines: gaskets, valves, fuel pumps, filters, belts, bearings, etc .;
spare parts for baler: bushings, gears, blades, needles;
spare parts for harvester: sprockets, guides, forks, scythes;
• other necessary for the efficient operation of equipment parts, including body parts, electronics, etc ..

Our official partners are the world's major brands such as CLAAS, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, MASCAR, New Holland, Caterpillar and others, that allows Ukrainian buyers of spare parts for tractors and combines the highest quality. In addition, our operators offer high-quality alternatives if you want to minimize the cost of maintenance of equipment and start working on a tight schedule.

Why buy from us?

Buying parts for combines, tractors and presses in, you always get a qualified and competent support order, starting from the first stage of the consultation and selection of parts to the technique to prompt delivery in your region.

Thus, we provide the optimal solution for your agricultural equipment, avoiding long sourcing spare parts and accessories, as well as saving you personal funds.

Doubt in the selection? Call our operators and have professional help in the selection of individual parts of different purposes.