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Приводная роликовая цепь комбайна Claas - 58 звеньев

58 Links roller chain

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The drive chain application: The single-row roller chain  is one of the major elements in the actuating unit. Chain driving are applied in equipment in drives of machines to movement transfer from a master shaft on one or several conducted shaft. Structure...

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Приводная роликовая цепь комбайна Claas - 58 звеньев
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Driving roller chain harvester Claas - 58 units

Manufacturer: ROLLON
Country of origin: Italy
Appointment of a roller chain drive:
Chain drive roller single-row - this is one of the most important elements in the drive unit. Drive circuit used in engineering machines in drives for transmitting motion from the drive shaft to one or more driven shafts.

The structure of the drive roller chain:
Chain drive roller consists of a roller which is pressed into the outer chain plate and forms one whole with them. On the roller freely planted bush is pressed into the inner plate. On the sleeve set free movie, which at clash of chain on sprocket transmits rotational movement by rolling friction.

Number of units58
Chain step, mm25.4
Roller diameter, mm15.88
Weight of 1 m/n2.6
The distance between the inner plates, mm17.02