1Full area processing. The two-row disc section with aggressive angle of attack geometry ensures perfect chopping with intensive mixing of crop residues over the entire surface to a depth of 3.5–12 cm. The disc section also perfectly distributes the mass of crop residues over the entire working area.
2Crumbling and soil compaction zone. Optimal soil compaction ensures good water infiltration and moisture retention in the soil.

High productivity and quality of work

  • High working speed up to 15 km / h.
    Chamomile discs for safe soil penetration and intensive mixing.
    The angles of attack of the discs and the force of the pressure on each disc ensure optimal penetration even into heavy dry soil and perfect undercutting.
    A very high-quality fit of the working bodies with fixation by rubber segments ensures an optimal angle of attack of the discs.
    Precise depth control with optimal soil compaction.