Two work steps at once: tillage and simultaneous spreading of liquid manure - that is what makes this new ZuniDisc distributor so excellent. The stubble of grain or corn fields is cultivated over the entire surface. The manure is introduced into the earth during this process. Fertilizer losses through evaporation as well as immissions into the environment are excluded. The rubber-sprung elements are individually suspended and can also evade large obstacles (e.g. stones) upwards. Serrated discs ensure correct rotation even on difficult soils. The double storage of each individual element ensures a long service life.

Technische Daten

Gewicht ca. kg21002850
Scheiben Durchmesserzeichen460mm460mm
Anzahl der Schläuche1824
HöhenführungStabwalze oder VorderwagenStabwalze oder Vorderwagen