Technical characteristics of the baler "Sipma Z-224"

Overall dimensions (no more), in millimeters (Length x Width x Height): 4850 x 2500 x 1550.

The total mass of the baler, in kilograms: 1510.

Lower pick-up width, in millimeters: 1780.

Speed: in working order - 7 km / h; in transportation - 15 km / h.

Dimensions of the resulting bale, in millimeters (Length x Width x Height): from 700 to 1500 x 460 x 400.

Bale density: up to 180 kg per cubic meter.

Productivity: 3500 bales per shift.

Knitting twine: sisal - Tech 4600-6700; polypropylene - Tech 2500-3300.

Power consumption: 28.5 kW / 38 hp

Experience in operating balers "Sipma Z-224"

Sipma piston rollers

Sipma treadmill

pick-up spring sipma

knitting machine Sipma

finger knitting machine sipma

sipma piston bushing

pick-up sleeve sipma

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Disc, sipma plate

Spare parts for balers Sipma Z224

Balers "Sipma" were awarded high marks from the peasants: reliable, easy to operate and maintain, show flawless work for a long time and do not require repair, the assembly is of high quality, done conscientiously. The occurrence of faults does not threaten with big problems or downtime waiting for the right spare parts. The press is well-arranged: units and assemblies are conveniently located for self-express repairs. Spare parts in stock are always available on the market. Many spare parts from other balers are also suitable. Of the problems, periodic minor failures in the work of knitting machines are noted: the needles bend and break (it is advised to purchase several "in reserve" at once); knotter settings go astray; it is necessary to monitor the degree of tightening of the nut of the main shaft of the knitter, and even better, put a lock nut. But you can use any rope; The fodder mass in the baling chamber is evenly distributed, and the Sipma Z-224 forms and binds dense briquettes of regular and uniform rectangular shape that do not crumble.

In general, "Sipma Z-224" is a reliable baler that has been proven over the years, which will be easy to operate and will not bring much trouble to its owner. The load on the tractor from it is small, and the performance is very solid. It is easily aggregated and successfully works in conjunction with most domestic tractors, from T-40 to MTZ-80 and modern models of Belarus tractors. This agricultural machine for collecting hay, straw and other fodder mass has proven itself perfectly in the fields of many countries, including Russia and the CIS. Ideal for harvesting feed in small and medium-sized peasant farms. Effective and cost-effective when producing hay for sale. Indeed, many livestock owners prefer to buy and store bales rather than rolls.