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Многоручьевой ремень 0224406 [Gates]

Wrapped banded belt 0224406 [Gates]

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Multiple V-ribbed belt 3HB profile for agricultural machinery: Fortschritt, John Deere  

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    Wrapped banded belt 0224406 [Gates]
    Manufacturer: GATES

    3HB 4850 (ISO5289, DIN7722);
    3HB191 (ASAE 211.4, inch marking);
    3R16F4855 (ASAE 211.4, marking in millimeters);
    0224406 (belt manufacturer marking - Gates Corporation)

    Designed to operate on drive pulleys according to ISO 5291

    Three articulated NV profile belts

    Geometrical sizes:
    (section) of one wedge of type HB: design width of one wedge t = 19 mm; wedge height H1 = 13.5 mm. Length on the outside of the belt 4850 mm

    Performance GATES AGRI

Weight, kg3.9
Number of wedges3
Working length, mm4850
Section width in mm16.5
Inner length, mm4788
Height (profile) in mm15
Length outside in mm4850
  • Комбайн зерноуборочный FORTSCHRITT
  • CR 8080

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