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Деревянный подшипник 618186 соломотряса комбайна Claas - 71х80х124мм
Деревянный подшипник 618186 соломотряса комбайна Claas - 71х80х124мм

Wooden bearing for Claas harvester straw walker - 71x80x124[Agroparts]

  • 618186
  • Product code: AV-558

Wooden bearing of straw walker shaft for Claas (models: Dominator, Mercator, Protector, Senator) and Massey Ferguson (models: 16, 186, 187) combines harvester. OEM #000618186. Dimensions - 71x80x124MM

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    Wooden bearing shaker of the combine Claas - 71h80h124 [Agroparts]

    Manufacturer: Agro Parts
    Country of origin: Italy

    Part of straw shredder of combine harvester


    The so-called MEGU bearing is designed for securing the shaker keys to the shaft journals and ensuring the acceptable mode of operation of the shaker. Used to replace worn or damaged parts in the process of repair and restoration works.


    It consists of two halves that cover the shaft neck and are fixed with special screws. Each of them is pressed with a special glue made from a large number of wooden plates, folded with a variable direction of wood fibers. To impart antifriction properties, the bearing body is impregnated with a special oil.