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Бичи молотильного барабана комбайна John Deere (пара) - 1020мм, 4 отверстия [Kan-Metal]
Бичи молотильного барабана комбайна John Deere (пара) - 1020мм, 4 отверстия [Kan-Metal]

Set rasp bars for John Deere combine - 1020mm, 4 holes[AGV]

  • AZ10690
  • Product code: AV-601

Used in John Deere combine harvesters (950, 952, 955, 960, 965H, 968H, 970, 1032, 1042, 1052, 1055, 1065, 1068H, 1133, 1144, 1155, 1157, 1158, 1165, 1166, ..., 3300) as a spare part of threshing drum to extract the grain from the spike during threshing.

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    John Deere threshing drum pest (pair) - 1020mm, 4 holes [AGV]
    Manufacturer: AGV
    Country of origin: Germany
    Part of the threshing drum of the John Deere combine.

    Knocking out the seeds from the ear with the passage of the grain mass in the narrow gap between the concave and the drum.

    Used to replace worn or damaged parts in the process of repair and restoration works.


    A long steel plate in the form of a corner, made of alloy steel with increased strength. On its surface at a certain angle squeezed ribs.

    The scourges come with left and right tilting of the ribs and are installed alternately. On one of the shelves there is a number of fixing holes.

Weight, kg9.94
Length, mm1020
Overall width, mm74
Number of fixing holes4
Diameter of the mounting holes, mm12

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