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Звездочка z11 наклонного транспортера комбайна Claas - 11 зубьев, d50мм
Звездочка z11 наклонного транспортера комбайна Claas - 11 зубьев, d50мм

Sprocket conveyor sprocket z11, Claas - 11 teeth, d50mm[AGV]

  • AV-75723
  • Product code: AV-667

Feeder house sprocket with 11 teeth (T11 / z11) and inner diameter 50 mm for driving feeder house conveyor chains on CLAAS combine harvesters of LEXICON, MEDION, TUCANO series. 

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    Claas combine tilt asterisk sprocket z11 - 11 teeth, d50mm [AGV]

    Manufacturer: AGV
    Country of Origin: Germany

    A spare part for the inclined chamber of the CLAAS combine.


    Transmission of the rotational movement of the drive shaft to the conveyor chains of the inclined chamber. The supply of grain mass after cutting for threshing.

    Used to replace worn or damaged parts during repair work.
    The properties

    It is made of steel. To connect to the shaft in the central hole, a keyway is made.

    The part is thermally processed in order to increase strength and wear resistance. A paintwork is applied to the outer surface.

Weight, kg2.46
External diameter, mm152
Inner Diameter, mm50
Height, mm60
Dimensions - Width, mm160
Dimensions - length, mm160
Number of teeth11
External diameter, mm75
Keyway, mm70

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