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Датчик оборотов двигателя комбайнов Сlaas
Датчик оборотов двигателя комбайнов Сlaas
Датчик оборотов двигателя комбайнов Сlaas

Frequency rotation sensor / RPM sensor Claas

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Frequency rotation induction sensor (RPM sensor) for combines harvester Claas Lexion, Claas Dominator and forage combine Claas Jaguar. OEM # 00 0676 835 0

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Датчик оборотов двигателя комбайнов Сlaas
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    The sensor of rotation of the engine of combines Сlaas

    Manufacturer: AGV
    Country of origin: Germany

    Part used in various parts of the CLAAS combine harvester.


    The speed sensor, depending on the location on the nodes and mechanisms of the combine, allows the driver-operator to control the speed of rotation of the shaft:

    Inclined chamber
    Threshing drum
    A grain elevator
    Grain elevator heads
    Separator Drum Drive
    Straw shredder
    Used to replace a worn or damaged unit during repair and restoration work.



    The basis of the speed sensor is the principle of changing the inductive resistance of a coil with a steel core when the air gap changes in a magnetic field.

    A steel disc with slots, protrusions or petals, fixed to the shaft where the speed is determined, passing near the sensor causes a cyclic change in the inductive resistance.

    Electronics counts the number of such changes per unit of time converts them and displays them in a convenient form on the screen of the on-board computer.

    Structurally it is executed in a hollow metal case with a threaded part and a hexagon head inside which there is a sensor with a connector for cable connection.




Weight, kg0.04
Length, mm71
Overall width, mm22
Carving length30
Thread pitch, mm1.5

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