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Игольчатый подшипник BH1416 [JHB]

Needle roller bearing BH1416 [JHB]

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Designation:  BP-1416 (JHB); ANSI/ABMA 18.2 / ASTM F2162 Design:  The needle bearing consists of one row of long rollers (needles) connected with a separator. Application:  Header - knife drive. Cutting platform 200, 800, 900. This bearing is used for...

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    Needle bearing BH1416 [JHB]

    Manufacturer: JHB
    BH-1416 (JHB); ANSI / ABMA 18.2 / ASTM F2162

    Open the needle bearing. Consists of a single cage with rollers thin (needles) are connected via a separator.

    Used to transmit radial loads (radially) with the rotation of the shaft.

    Headers Series 200, 800, 900

    The needle bearing with stamping outer yoke and exposed sidewalls

Weight, kg0.055
Inner Diameter, mm22.225
Overall width, mm25.4
External diameter, mm1.15, 30.162

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