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Звездочка пресс-подборщика Claas, z8 (8 зубьев)
Звездочка пресс-подборщика Claas, z8 (8 зубьев)

8 Tooth sprocket 8T/z8

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  • Product code: AV-6076

Destination of the chain sprocket:The sprocket is an obligatory element of chain drive which serves for torque transfer between two in parallel located shaft by means of a flexible element - a chain. Structure of the sprocket: Sprocket is a profiled wheel...

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Звездочка пресс-подборщика Claas, z8 (8 зубьев)
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Asterisk baler Claas, z8 (8 teeth)

Manufacturer: Agro Parts
Country of origin: Italy
Stars Destination:
Sprocket chain transmission is a required element of a chain drive, which is used to transmit torque between the two shafts arranged in parallel by means of a flexible element - chain.

Stars Build:
The asterisk is profiled wheel with teeth, which is characterized by the following basic parameters: the width of the sprocket roller, sprocket chain pitch, the outer diameter of the sprocket, the number of sprocket teeth, the width of the sprocket, fit the diameter of the shaft

? Spare parts for baler CLAAS


Weight, kg0.16
External diameter, mm50
Inner Diameter, mm14
Height, mm32
Dimensions - Height, mm35
Dimensions - Width, mm50
Dimensions - length, mm50
Overall width, mm47.5
Number of teeth8
External diameter, mm24
Height (profile) in mm32
Size A24

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