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Крестовина пресс-подборщика Claas, 34х90мм
Крестовина пресс-подборщика Claas, 34х90мм

Cross joint assembly 34x90[AGV]

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  • Product code: AV-6155

Cross application: The crosspiece is intended for transfer at an angle rotary effort between transmission details: shaft, cardan, coupling, reducer, hub Structure of crosspiace: The basis of a cross is formed by the cross-shaped case on which four ends are...

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Крестовина пресс-подборщика Claas, 34х90мм
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Cross-beam of Claas baler, 34x90mm
Manufacturer: AGV
Country of origin: Germany
Crossing the Cross:
The crosspiece is intended for transmission at an angle of the rotational force between the transmission parts: shaft, cardan, coupling, reducer, hub

Cross structure:
The base of the cross forms a cross-shaped body, with four ends fixed: needle bearing, cup-shaped lids, a retaining ring. For lubrication of bearings, an oil can is used.

Weight, kg0.72
Length, mm83
Dimensions - Height, mm40
Dimensions - Width, mm100
Dimensions - length, mm105
Diameter of the flange, mm32
Roller diameter, mm34
Shaft Diameter, mm20
Number of rings4

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