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Граблина (пружинный палец) пресс-подборщика RIVIERRE CASALIS, 220х75

Pick-up spring tine 220x75mm

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Граблина (пружинный палец) пресс-подборщика RIVIERRE CASALIS, 220х75
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Tine arm (spring finger) baler RIVIERRE CASALIS, 220х75

Manufacturer: Agro Parts
Country of origin: Italy
Appointment of tines:
Tine arm is used to scoop up lying in front of crop and feed it onto a conveyor which feeds the crop to the bale chamber.

The structure of the tine arms:
Tines are made with a different number of turns, the ends of them can be quite diverse in structure, depending on their requirements. To rake used several types of spring steel wire (rod): 60S2A, 55S2, 65G, St70.

Weight, kg0.2
Length, mm220
Overall width, mm75

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