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Иглодержатель пресс-подборщика Claas 4 отверстия (22/5/26)

Baler needle hanger, 4 holes DOMINANT

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Spare part for baler CLAAS

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Иглодержатель пресс-подборщика Claas 4 отверстия (22/5/26)
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Needle Holder baler Claas DOMINANT 4 holes (05/22/26)

Manufacturer: Agro Parts
Country of origin: Italy
Spare parts for baler CLAAS

Appointment needles hangers:
Hanger for mounting needles needles by means of brackets that are welded to the casing hanger.

The structure of the needle hangers:
Hanger needles consists of a body made of thick-walled pipes in U-shape to which are welded brackets for mounting needles. The main body also welded bracket for mounting needles hangers to the frame of the baler and the mounting hole is formed.
Weight, kg11.2
Overall width, mm600
Number of fixing holes4
Diameter of the mounting holes, mm5, 22, 26

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