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Лопасть отклоняющего барабана /щиток отбойного битера 1040мм, 6 отверстий [Украина]
Лопасть отклоняющего барабана /щиток отбойного битера 1040мм, 6 отверстий [Украина]

Impeller plate. Drum cover plate 1040mm, 6 holes[AGV]

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  • Product code: AV-1213

Threshing drum cover impeller plate for Claas Consul and Mercur combines harvester. OEM # 000703363. Length - 1040MM, number of mounting holes - 6.

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    Deflection Drum Blade / Impact Beater Shield 1040mm, 6 Holes [AGV]

    Manufacturer: AGV
    Country of origin: Poland
    A spare part for the threshing drum of the CLAAS combine.

    The drum blade or "beater plaque" is designed to feed the ears into the threshing zone. To prevent unbalance of the impact beater, bearings, their housings and other elements of the threshing system, attention should be paid to the accuracy of selection by weight. Used to replace worn out or damaged parts in the process of repair and restoration work.

    They are made by bending from sheet metal in the form of a long piece, bent in width at certain angles, with mounting holes on the outer shelves. The drum blades are attached to the bottom with high strength bolts. These are spare parts that need constant supervision and frequent replacement.

Weight, kg2.375
Length, mm1040
Overall width, mm125
Number of fixing holes6
Diameter of the mounting holes, mm11

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