Болт сегмента жатки с гайкой М6х16 [Schumacher]
Болт сегмента жатки с гайкой М6х16 [Schumacher]
Болт сегмента жатки с гайкой М6х16 [Schumacher]

Segment bolt with nut M6 [SCH]

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Application A spare part for the header (Schumacher kutting system) of the CLAAS combine.   Destination This set is designed for attaching the knife to the plate of its head. It is used for replacing worn out or damaged fastening elements during repairs.   Properties The...

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Болт сегмента жатки с гайкой М6х16 [Schumacher]
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Bolt of header segment with M6x16 nut [Schumacher]


Part of the header (Schumacher cutter systems) of the CLAAS combine.



The kit is designed to connect the segment with the proper oblique.

Used to replace damaged and worn fasteners during repair and recovery work.



The bolt is made of steel grade C 10 (C 20) in terms of strength class 8.8. The head is hexagonal, at the base of the head for a distance of about 0.5 cm, the slots for fixing the bolt in the hole are made, the rest is rolled with the metric thread M6.

The nut is made of the same material in terms of strength class 8, a skirt with notches for stopping is made at the base.



The surfaces of the bolt and nut are dovetailed.

Weight, kg0.015
Length, mm19
Diameter of the flange, mm13
Carving length10
Working length, mm16

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