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Фильтр воздушный P776696 [Donaldson]

Air filter P776696 [Donaldson]

  • P776696
  • Product code: AV-3026

Air filter for combines Claas, Deutz-Fahr, New Holland, John Deere and engines Mercedes, Iveco, Fiat, Ford. Appointed to delay solid particles in the air that is sucked up by the engine

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Фильтр воздушный P776696 [Donaldson]
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Air filter P776696 [DONALDSON]

Manufacturer: Donaldson
Country of origin: USA
Air purification filter

Air filter purpose:
The main task of the air filter is to clean the air entering the engine from abrasive dust particles and other harmful impurities, which helps to increase the service life of the engine. The air filter also reduces noise and increases the uniformity of the air flow, reduces the risk of water entering the engine.

Air filter structure:
The air filter consists of a cylindrical case, which is made of mesh material. On both sides, the case is closed with two covers, which are interconnected by jumpers. As a filter element, filter paper is used, protected by the body from damage. The sealing of the filter element in the case ensures sealing gaskets placed on the lids.

The principle of operation of the air filter:
During the engine operation, an air flow that is sucked from the atmosphere enters the air filter. Having passed through the filter, the air is cleaned of small particles of dust, which remain on the filtering element and enters the air collectors into the combustion chamber of the engine to form a combustible mixture.

Weight, kg0.41
Inner Diameter, mm105
Height, mm380
External diameter, mm121
Диаметр внутренний17

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