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Бичи молотильного барабана комбайна John Deere (пара) - 1284мм, 5 отверстий

Set rasp bars for John Deere combine - 1280mm, 5 holes[Bepco]

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  • Product code: AV-3038

Used in John Deere combine harvesters (950, 960, 970, 975, 975HY4, 1072, 1075, 1075HY4, 1085, 1165, 1170, 1174, 1174HY4, 1175, 1175H, 1177, 1450, 1550) as a spare part of threshing drum to extract the grain from the spike during threshing.

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Бичи молотильного барабана комбайна John Deere (пара) - 1284мм, 5 отверстий
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AZ13335, AZ13336 - Beading threshed drum combine John Deere (pair) - 1280mm, 5 holes

Manufacturer: Bepco
Country of origin: Great Britain
The spare part of the threshed drum of the John Deere combine.

Ending grains from the spike when passing the grain mass in a narrow gap between the tanks and the drum.

Used to replace worn or damaged parts in the process of repair and restoration work.

A long steel plate in the form of a corner made of alloy steel of increased strength. On its surface, the ribs were squeezed out at a certain angle.

Beachs are with the left and right inclination of the ribs and are installed alternately. On one of the shelves there are a number of fasteners.

Weight, kg12.17
Length, mm1280
Overall width, mm73
Number of fixing holes5
Diameter of the mounting holes, mm13

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