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Проволока решета комбайна Claas Lexion
Проволока решета комбайна Claas Lexion

Sieve wire for Claas Lexion[AGV]

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176523.0 Sieve wire 4.5MM for CLAAS LEXION harvest combine

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Проволока решета комбайна Claas Lexion
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Sieve wire harvester Claas Lexion
Manufacturer: AGV
Country of Origin: Germany
Spare part of the cattle board (screen) of the CLAAS combine.

Creating an optimal gap between the links of the sieve of the cattle board (rumble).

Replacing a worn or damaged part during repair work.

Bent part of complex spatial form, made of steel wire, oxidized.

Weight, kg0.1
Length, mm1000
Height, mm26
Wire diameter, mm4
Projection size, mm13x5

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