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Резиновый скребок транспортера комбайна John Deere - 60x120мм
Резиновый скребок транспортера комбайна John Deere - 60x120мм

60x120 Rubber paddle for grain Elevator roller chain

  • Z20780.01
  • Product code: AV-536

Used in John Deere (932, 935, 940, 945, 952, 1032, 1042, 1052, 1133, 1144) combine harvesters as spare parts of grain elevators.

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    Rubber scraper for John Deere combine - 60x120mm

    Manufacturer: Agro Parts
    Country of origin: Italy
    A spare part for the grain or return elevator of the John Deere combine.

    Transportation of grain in the grain elevator shaft to the bunker or ears in the grain shaft for re-threshing.

    Used to replace worn out or damaged parts in the course of repair and restoration work.

    Rectangular piece made of special rubber, on one of the sides of which there is a recess for the conveyor chain link. Mounting holes are also cut there.

Weight, kg0.1
Length, mm60
Thickness, mm10
Overall width, mm120
Number of fixing holes2
Distance between holes for attaching, mm54
The distance between the inner plates, mm30
Diameter of the mounting holes, mm7

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