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Приводная роликовая цепь 208А.40
Приводная роликовая цепь 208А.40

Drive Roller Chain 208A(5m)[AGV]

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Application of the drive roller chain: The drive roller chain is one from most impotant elemensof drive equipment.  The drive chain  are applied in equipment in drives of machines to movement transfer from a leading shaft to one or several conducted shaft. Structure...

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Приводная роликовая цепь 208А.40
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Drive Roller Chain 208A
Manufacturer: AGV
Country of Origin: Germany

The purpose of the drive roller chain:
Long link roller chains are used in gears with large interaxal distances and in gears with low peripheral speed and large diameter sprockets. Long link chains are designed on the basis of drive roller chains. The main difference is a doubled step. The workload of these chains is lower than with conventional roller chains of the same step.

The structure of the drive roller chain:
The long drive link roller chain consists of a roller, which is pressed into the outer plates of the chain and forms one with them. A sleeve is freely mounted on the roller, pressed into the inner plates. A roller is freely mounted on the sleeve, which, when the chain runs onto the sprocket, transmits rotational motion through rolling friction.

Chain step, mm25.4
Weight of 1 m/n5.4

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