Тефлоновая втулка 008565.0 к агротехнике Claas
Тефлоновая втулка 008565.0 к агротехнике Claas

Teflon bushing 008565.0 for Claas harvesters and balers

  • 008565
  • Product code: AV-6022

Teflon split bushing for Claas Lexion, Tucano, Dominator, Mega, Comet, Compact, Consul, Matador, Medion, Mercator, Protector harvester combine and Claas Markant baler. Size - 35x39x35mm, OEM # 00 0008 565 0

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Тефлоновая втулка 008565.0 к агротехнике Claas
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Teflon sleeve 008565.0 to Claas farming practices

Manufacturer: Agro Parts
Country of origin: Italy

Ensuring smooth operation of the feeder.

Used to replace worn or damaged parts in the repair work.


The product of Teflon as a hollow cylinder with a collar,

and a cut opening on the side surface.

Weight, kg0.005
Inner Diameter, mm35
Height, mm35
Dimensions - Height, mm45
Dimensions - Width, mm45
Dimensions - length, mm50
Number of fixing holes1
Diameter of the mounting holes, mm6.5
External diameter, mm39

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