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Крестовина выгрузного шнека 22х54,8
Крестовина выгрузного шнека 22х54,8
Крестовина выгрузного шнека 22х54,8

Cross joint assembly of unloading auger-22x54,8

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  • Product code: AV-6083

Application A spare part of the unloading equipment of the CLASS combine.   Destination Participation in transporting the threshed grain into the bunker for temporary storage or reloading it into a transport vehicle. Connection of the two halves of the...

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Крестовина выгрузного шнека 22х54,8
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Cross unloading auger 22x54,8

Manufacturer: Agro Parts
Country of origin: Italy

Spare unloading device CLAAS combine.



Participation move threshed grain in a silo for temporary storage or in vehicles overload. Connecting the two halves of the unloading auger.

Used to replace worn or damaged parts in the repair work.



Unit is assembled on the basis of a cross-shaped housing mounted with bearing journal in the form of cups and lubricator for the lubrication of the center.

Additionally equipped with locking rings.

Weight, kg0.2
Inner Diameter, mm20
Dimensions - Height, mm30
Dimensions - Width, mm65
Dimensions - length, mm65
Roller diameter, mm2
Carving length11, 6
External diameter, mm22
Working length, mm54.8
Length of the finger16

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