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Тефлоновая втулка 008504.0 к агротехнике Claas [Original]
Тефлоновая втулка 008504.0 к агротехнике Claas [Original]

Teflon bushing 008504.0 for Claas harvesters and balers [Original]

  • 008504
  • Product code: AV-6160

Teflon bushing for Claas Dominator, Mega, Medion, Commandor harvester combine, Claas Jaguar forage combine and Claas Markant baler. Size - 13,1x15.1x14mm, OEM # 00 0008 504 0

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Тефлоновая втулка 008504.0 к агротехнике Claas [Original]
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Teflon bushing 008504.0 to agricultural Claas [Original]

Manufacturer: CLAAS
Country of origin: Germany

The Teflon bushing is designed to support parts that rotate in terms of the slip surface axis on the surface of the sleeve.


Sleeve this item is cylindrical shape, has an axial bore which includes a body of rotation (axis, axle) that is planted with a gap. The outer cylindrical surface of the bushing press-fitted in the Cabinet detail. The bushing made a flange for fixing the sleeve in a certain position until it stops.

Weight, kg0.05
Inner Diameter, mm13.1
Dimensions - Height, mm21
Dimensions - Width, mm25
Dimensions - length, mm25
Height, mm14
Diameter of the flange, mm20
External diameter, mm15.1