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Тефлоновая втулка 008552.0 к агротехнике Claas

Teflon bushing 008552.0 for Claas harvesters and balers

  • 008552
  • Product code: AV-6273

Teflon bushing for Claas Lexion, Tucano, Dominator, Mega, Comet, Compact, Consul, Matador, Medion, Mercator, Protector harvester combine, Claas Jaguar forage combine and Claas  Rollant baler. Size - 30x34x42mm, OEM # 00 0008 552 0

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Тефлоновая втулка 008552.0 к агротехнике Claas
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Teflon sleeve 008552.0 to Claas farming practices

Manufacturer: Agro Parts
Country of origin: Italy

It bushing intended for supporting the Teflon parts, which rotate in the sliding surface on the surface of the hub axle.


Bushing part is cylindrical in shape, it has an axial bore which includes a body of rotation (axis of pivot) that is planted with a gap. An outer cylindrical surface of the sleeve is pressed into the housing part. Bead formed on the hub to lock the sleeve in position against the stop.

Weight, kg0.01
Height, mm42
Inner Diameter, mm30
External diameter, mm34

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