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Подшипник шариковый закрепляемый 207-KRRB-AH02 [INA]

Insert ball bearing 207-KRRB-AH02 [INA]

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  • Product code: AV-6436

Designation:  SK104-207-KRR-B-AH12 (Schaeffler / INA); actual designation  207 KRRB AH02 (Schaeffler / INA), formerly designation; Design:  The ball bearing consists of two cages (internal and external) and rolling elements (balls), connected with a separator. Application:  Drive...

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Подшипник шариковый закрепляемый 207-KRRB-AH02 [INA]
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Ball fastened 207-KRRB-AH02 [INA]

Manufacturer: SCHAEFFLER
Country of origin: Slovakia
 SK104-207-KRR-B-AH12 (Schaeffler / INA); current designation
 207 KRRB AH02 (Schaeffler / INA), the old designation;

 self-aligning ball bearing. It consists of two clips (internal and external) and rolling elements (balls), connected by a separator.

 It serves to transfer radial loads (radial) when the shaft rotates.

 grain auger drive

 spherical outer ferrule;
 seals on both sides of the bearing;
 hexagonal hole inner ring

Weight, kg0.45
Inner Diameter, mm31.75
Overall width, mm25
Weight in pounds0.8708
External diameter, mm72, 2.8346
Holder width, mm17

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