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Звездочка шлицевая натяжная z10 (10 зубьев)

Tooth tension sprocket with flange 10T/10z[Agro Parts]

  • 032030
  • Product code: AV-147

Destination of the chain sprocket:The sprocket is an obligatory element of chain drive which serves for torque transfer between two in parallel located shaft by means of a flexible element - a chain. Structure of the sprocket: Sprocket is a profiled wheel...

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Звездочка шлицевая натяжная z10 (10 зубьев)
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Asterisk slotted tension z10 (10 teeth)

Manufacturer: Agro Parts
Country of origin: Italy
Sprocket assignment:
A chain sprocket is a mandatory chain drive element that serves to transfer torque between two parallel shafts by means of a flexible chain element.

The structure of the asterisk:
The sprocket is a profiled wheel with teeth, which is characterized by the following main parameters: sprocket sprocket spacing, sprocket chain pitch, sprocket outer diameter, sprocket teeth sprocket width, sprocket diameter, shaft diameter

? Spare part for header GERINGHOFF

Single row

Weight, kg0.42
Inner Diameter, mm30
Number of teeth10
Number of cutters14
External diameter, mm92

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