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Пластина комбайна Claas Jaguar, 20х100мм

Strength 20x100[MWS]

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Usage Spare part for maize cutting platform of CLAAS combine harvester.   Designation Providing a reliable combination of head knives, set on a ring washer. Used to replace worn or damaged spare parts during repair works.   Properties Stamped steel...

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Пластина комбайна Claas Jaguar, 20х100мм
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Claas Jaguar combine harvester, 20x100mm
Manufacturer: MWS (Germany)
Country of origin: Germany
Spare part of the corn head harvester CLAAS of the JAGUAR series.


Ensuring a reliable connection of the head knives mounted on the spacer ring.

Used to replace worn or damaged parts in the process of repair and restoration works.


Stamped steel part in the form of a parallelepiped with fixing holes.

The surface of the product is coated.

Weight, kg0.05
Length, mm100
Thickness, mm3
Overall width, mm20
Number of fixing holes2
Dimensions of mounting holes, mm9х12

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