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Соединительное звено транспортерной цепи CA2801

Link for roller chain CA2801 (30.0)

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The drive chain application: The single-row roller chain  is one of the major elements in the actuating unit. Chain driving are applied in equipment in drives of machines to movement transfer from a master shaft on one or several conducted shaft Structure...

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Соединительное звено транспортерной цепи CA2801
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    CA2801 connecting link of the conveyor chain

    Manufacturer: ROLLON
    Country of origin: Italy
    Appointment of a transition link:
    Link transition SA2801 is used to connect segments of single-row conveyor roller dlinnolankovoy circuit consisting of an even number of links.
    The structure of the transition stage:
    Transition element consists of two plates interconnected sleeve which is freely seated on the roller. On the opposite side of the plate removably interconnected roller which is fixed on the one hand lock.

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