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Дисковый нож кукурузной жатки Rota-Disk Geringhoff - 14х119мм

Cutter disk 14x119 for ROTA-DISK corn header

  • 501060
  • Product code: AV-85

Cutter disk for GERINGHOFF ROTA-DISK corn head of combine harvest Claas and John Deere. Dimention: 14X119MM. OEM #501060

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Дисковый нож кукурузной жатки Rota-Disk Geringhoff - 14х119мм
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    Disc corn header knife Rota-Disk Geringhoff - 14x119mm

    Manufacturer: Agro Parts
    Country of origin: Italy
    Appointment of the circular cutter:
    The knife disk (chamomile) 501 060, which is mounted on the rotor shaft by means of splines designed to cut the corn stalks.
    The structure of the company-ROM:
    The knife disc (rota-disk) is a metal disk, the external side of which is in the form of cutting edges, and the inner hole milled by spline connection

    Planting nashlits

Weight, kg0.24
Height, mm3.5
Inner Diameter, mm14
External diameter, mm119

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