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Нож Г-образный d20мм кукурузной жатки комбайна Claas [Rasspe]

L-shape knife d20mm [Rasspe]

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L-shape knife for Claas harvester corn header (models: 4R70-SL, 4R76-SL, 4R80-SL, 5R70-SL, 5R75-SL, 5R80-SL, 5R90, 6R75-SL, 6R80-SL, 6R90). Size: d20mm. OEM # 00 0680 320 2 and 00 0698 728 1

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Нож Г-образный d20мм кукурузной жатки комбайна Claas [Rasspe]
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Knife L-shaped d20mm corn header harvester Claas [Rasspe]

Manufacturer: Rasspe
Country of origin: Germany
Appointment of the chopper knife:

The knife grinder is designed for grinding corn stalks, followed by spreading chaff on the field.

The structure of the chopper knife:
Blades made of rolled steel strip, at least on one of its longitudinal edges of the prismatic blade in the desired intensity. shredder knives rigidly or pivotally mounted on a rotating drum grinder. If necessary, on the longitudinal edge of the blade is performed gear cutting.

Weight, kg0.33
Thickness, mm10
Number of fixing holes1
Diameter of the mounting holes, mm20

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