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Нож Г-образный d20мм кукурузной жатки комбайна Claas

L-shape knife d20mm

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  • Product code: AV-95

L-shape knife for Claas harvester corn header (models: 4R70-SL, 4R76-SL, 4R80-SL, 5R70-SL, 5R75-SL, 5R80-SL, 5R90, 6R75-SL, 6R80-SL, 6R90). Size: d20mm. OEM # 00 0680 320 2 and 00 0698 728 1

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    Knife L-shaped d20mm corn head harvester Claas

    Manufacturer: JAG
    Country of origin: Poland
    Part of the corn header for the CLAAS combine harvester
Weight, kg0.33
Thickness, mm10
Number of fixing holes1
Diameter of the mounting holes, mm20

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