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Коленвал двигателя DEUTZ F6L912

Crankshaft for DEUTZ F6L912 engine

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Spare part for DOUTZ diesel engine

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Коленвал двигателя DEUTZ F6L912
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    The crankshaft of the engine DEUTZ F6L912

    Manufacturer: GENMOT
    Country of origin: Turkey
    Spare parts for diesel engines DOUTZ

    Appointment kolenchastogo shaft:
    Crankshaft - the part (or parts of the composite node on the shaft) of complex shape having a neck for attachment of rods, on which the crankshaft takes effort and converts them to the torque and then transmits to the flywheel through the transmission mechanisms.

    The structure of the crankshaft:

    Root neck - shaft support behind the main bearing, is placed in the crankcase.

    Crank pin - support, by means of which the shaft is associated with the connecting rods (lubrication oil channels are the connecting rod bearing).

    Cheeks - connect and crankpins.

    The front portion of the output shaft - part of the shaft on which is mounted a gear, or PTO pulley to the timing (timing) and various auxiliary components, systems and assemblies.

    The rear portion of the output shaft - part of the shaft connects with the flywheel gear or massive selection of the main part of the power.

    Counterweights - provide unloading the crankshaft bearing from the centrifugal forces of the first order inertia and unbalanced masses and lower crank

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