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Fuel filter 099104/05[Baldwin]

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Fuel filter for combines Claas, Massey Ferguson, New Holland and engines Deutz, Fiat, Iveco, Perkins, Mercedes. Appointed to protect elements of the fuel system of internal combustion engines from rapid deterioration

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Фильтр топливный
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Fuel filter

Manufacturer: Agro Parts
Country of origin: Italy
Purpose of the fuel filter:
The fuel filter is designed to remove particles of dust, dirt, rust found in metal containers, where fuel is transported and stored, resins that are formed as a result of chemical reactions in fuel, as well as water - condensate, rain and snow falling into the fuel tank while refueling the machine .
The structure of the fuel filter:
The fuel filter consists of a housing in which a filter element is installed from a packing of mineral wool impregnated with a sticky substance.
The principle of the fuel filter:
When the fuel passes through the fuel filter, the fuel is cleaned of harmful inclusions as well as water that may be contained in the fuel, due to the settling of harmful inclusions on the filter element and the draft of water in the bottom of the filter housing.

Weight, kg0.12
Inner Diameter, mm13.5
Height, mm108, 112
Dimensions - Height, mm68
Dimensions - Width, mm125
Dimensions - length, mm135
External diameter, mm65

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