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Фильтр топливный 33370 [WIX]

Fuel filter FF203[Fleetgulard]

  • FF203
  • Product code: AV-7740

Fuel filter for combines Case-IH, John Deere, tractors Massey Ferguson, John Deere, baler John Deere 643 and engines John Deere

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Фильтр топливный 33370 [WIX]
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Fuel filter FF203[Fleetgulard]

Manufacturer: Fleetguard
Country of Origin: USA

Purpose of the fuel filter:
The fuel filter is designed to remove particles of dust, dirt, rust present in metal containers where fuel is transported and stored, resins that are formed as a result of chemical reactions in the fuel, as well as water - condensate, rain and snow that enters the fuel tank when refueling the car. .

Fuel filter structure:
The fuel filter consists of a housing in which a filter element is installed, which has a mesh frame with several layers of fleecy cotton cord wound around it.

The principle of operation of the fuel filter:
When the fuel passes through the fuel filter, the fuel is cleaned of harmful inclusions and water, which may be contained in the fuel, due to the deposition of harmful inclusions on the filter element and water sedimentation in the bottom of the filter housing.

Weight, kg0.76
Length, mm126
Height, mm84
Overall width, mm94

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