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Поликлиновой ремень AP1003084 [Optibelt]

Multiple V-ribbed belt AP1003084 [Optibelt]

  • AP1003084
  • Product code: AV-9

0242131 Multiple V-ribbed belt for engines John Deere  

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Поликлиновой ремень AP1003084 [Optibelt]
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Ribbed AP1003084 [Optibelt]

Manufacturer: OPTIBELT
Country of origin: Germany

14PK 710

Fan Drive. Designed for use on the drive pulley according to ISO 5291 standard

eight jointed belts Profile PK. PK ribbed belts are used for drives with large transmission ratios, high speed, small diameter pulleys and idlers, DIN7867
Geometrical dimensions:

(Section) of the wedge-type PK: width, pitch t = 3,56 mm; H = total height of 5 mm. The length of the outer side of the belt 710 mm
Marking of the manufacturer:

GATES 0212131

Weight, kg0.16
Overall width, mm50
Length outside, mm710
Profile height, mm5
Section width, mm3.56

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