Фильтр масляный WL7068-10 [WIX]
Фильтр масляный WL7068-10 [WIX]
Фильтр масляный WL7068-10 [WIX]

Oil filter 2654403[Perkins]

  • 2654403
  • Product code: AV-9117

Oil filter for combines Claas, New Holland, Braud, tractors Massey Ferguson, Case-IH, John Deere and engines Perkins. Appointed to remove contaminations such as oil sludges, metal shavings, etc.

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Фильтр масляный WL7068-10 [WIX]
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Oil filter 2654403 [Perkins]
Manufacturer: Perkins
Country of origin: Germany
The purpose of the oil filter:
The oil filter is designed to remove from the engine oil harmful particles resulting from the wear of friction surfaces, as well as due to the ingress of solid fuel products into the oil.
The structure of the oil filter:
The oil filter consists of a metal housing, a filter element and two valves: bypass (it is sometimes called safety or bypass) and reverse (anti-drainage) valves.
The principle of the oil filter:
After starting the engine, an oil pump is started, which circulates the oil under pressure from the oil pan to the engine. Before entering the engine, oil passes through the filter element of the oil filter, while cleaning from harmful inclusions. When the filter element becomes dirty or when the engine speed of the engine rises sharply, a bypass valve is activated which provides oil to the engine. A non-return valve keeps the oil in the filter when the engine is not running, so as to ensure a rapid setting of the set pressure in the system during engine start-up.

Weight, kg0.55
Height, mm146
External diameter, mm93

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