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Гильза 116мм двигателя John Deere, 35-155 [Bepco]

Liner 35-155, 116mm

  • RE57513
  • Product code: AV-8052

Spare part for JOHN DEERE diesel engine  

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Гильза 116мм двигателя John Deere, 35-155 [Bepco]
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RE57513 - Sleeve 116mm John Deere engine, 35-155 [Bepco]

Manufacturer: Bepco
Country of Origin: UK
JOHN DEERE diesel engine spare part

Purpose of the sleeve:
The cylinder block liner is the most critical element of the engine housing. Its inner surface together with the piston crown form a combustion chamber. Also, the sleeve serves as a guide when the piston moves.

Sleeve structure:
The cylinder liner belongs to the class of hollow rods. It is made of gray cast iron of high hardness. The inner surface of the liners to reduce friction of the piston and piston rings, as well as to create a reliable seal, has a high class of finish and is called the “mirror” of the cylinder. To increase resistance to wear, the inner surface of the sleeves is hardened to a depth of 1-3 mm by high-frequency currents of HDTV

Weight, kg3.98
The size and liner125.15
Size A liner116
The size of С sleeve233.1
The size of the D sleeve135.12
The size of the E sleeve8.21
Size F liner1.14

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Гильза 116мм двигателя John Deere, 35-155 [Bepco]
1 897,2 ₴