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Вилка качающаяся f-22 (22 шлица)

Fork shaft f-22 (22 grooves)

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Application A spare part for the header of the CLAAS combine.   Destination Transmission of the oscillatory motion of the knife drive through the beam directly to the cutting mechanism. This spare part is used for replacing worn out or damaged parts of...

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    Fork swinging f-22 (22 slots)

    Manufacturer: Agro Parts
    Country of origin: Italy

    Spare CLAAS combine header.



    The transfer of vibrational motions spit balancer drive through directly to the cutting mechanism.

    Used to replace worn or damaged parts in the header during the repair work.



    It represents the complex spatial detail in the form of plugs, made of steel casting, followed by machining the surface to achieve the desired geometric shape and predetermined dimensions.

    At the bottom of the shaft splines are made for articulation with the balance of the spit. The shoulders of the plug to make a hole for connection to the drive body braids.

Weight, kg3.95
Number of fixing holes2
Number of cutters22
Diameter of the mounting holes, mm28
Shaft Diameter, mm45

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