Сегмент ножа жатки комбайна John Deere - 76х83мм [Rasspe]
Сегмент ножа жатки комбайна John Deere - 76х83мм [Rasspe]

John Deere harvester header knife blade - 76x83mm [Rasspe]

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  • Product code: AV-1499

Sickle section blades for John Deere 200, 900, 1000 headers

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Сегмент ножа жатки комбайна John Deere - 76х83мм [Rasspe]
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The segment of the John Deere harvester header - 76x83mm [Rasspe]

Manufacturer: Rasspe
Country of origin: Germany

Spare part of the header of the combine harvester JOHN DEERE.


Providing a clean cut of the stem when working in a braid, minimizing the loss of grain, especially overripe.

Used to replace worn or damaged parts in the process of repair and restoration works.


Steel plate of trapezoidal shape with sharp jagged lateral faces, made of alloy steel, hardened to increase resistance to fracture and increase wear resistance.

Two mounting holes are provided at the base. The segment is connected to the back of the braid by rivets or threaded connection.


Schumacher shearing system.

Weight, kg0.1
Length, mm83
Thickness, mm2.7
Dimensions - Height, mm5
Dimensions - Width, mm80
Dimensions - length, mm90
Overall width, mm76
Distance between holes for attaching, mm51
Diameter of the mounting holes, mm6.5

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