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Двойной палец жатки комбайна Claas 178мм [Forged]
Двойной палец жатки комбайна Claas 178мм [Forged]
Двойной палец жатки комбайна Claas 178мм [Forged]

Grain header double forged finger 178mm for Claas

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  • Product code: AV-1607

Application A spare part for the finger beam of the header of the CLAAS combine.   Destination A spare part for the finger beam which provides cutting of the stalks of grain crops during translational motion of the knife. This spare part is used for replacing...

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    Double finger harvester combine harvester Claas 178mm [Forged]

    Manufacturer: Agro Parts
    Country of origin: Italy

    Spare part of the comb cutter bar CLAAS.



    Part of the finger bar provides the cutting of the stems of cereals with the translational motion of the braid.

    Used to replace worn or damaged parts in the process of repair and restoration works.



    Forged steel detail of a complex spatial shape in the form of a two-tooth. At the base of the head are made 2 holes for fixing to the finger board.

    A gap is made in the teeth when passing inside which the scythe cuts off the stalks of plants due to the intersection of sharp edges.



    The color of the paintwork is gray.

Weight, kg0.96
Length, mm178
Dimensions - Height, mm40
Dimensions - Width, mm160
Dimensions - length, mm185
Overall width, mm150
Number of fixing holes2
Distance between holes for attaching, mm76
Height, mm36
Diameter of the mounting holes, mm10.5
Working length, mm105

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