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Втулка мотовила жатки пластиковая 35х43х22
Втулка мотовила жатки пластиковая 35х43х22

Reel plastic bushing Claas, 35x43x22

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  • Product code: AV-1699

Application A spare part for the header reel of the CLAAS combine.   Destination Ensuring the required level of friction in the units of the header reel. This spare part is used for replacing worn out or damaged parts during repairs.   Properties A...

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    Reel shank reel plastic 35х43х22

    Manufacturer: Agro Parts
    Country of origin: Italy

    Reel part rewind harvester harvester CLAAS.



    Providing an acceptable coefficient of friction in reel reel assemblies.

    Used to replace worn or damaged parts in the process of repair and restoration works.



    Cylindrical plastic part, made by casting, with two tides to ensure clamping between the overlays.

Weight, kg0.01
Inner Diameter, mm35
Height, mm22
Thickness, mm3.5
Dimensions - Height, mm25
Dimensions - Width, mm50
Dimensions - length, mm55
External diameter, mm43

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