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Сальник, манжет армированный 22х32мм гидросистемы комбайна John Deere

Oil seal John Deere, 22x32

  • AE53175
  • Product code: AV-1769

Application of oil seal: The oil seal (the popular name in CIS - salnik) serves for consolidation of shaft of rotary details and parts: shaft, yoke, lever, crankshaft, flywheel, gear wheel, transmission, reducer, wooble etc. Thanks to flexible edge from an...

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    Oil seal, reinforced hydraulic systems of the John Deere combine, 22x32mm

    Manufacturer: Agro Parts
    Country of origin: Italy
    Hydraulic system part for JOHN DEERE combine harvester

    Assignment of cuff reinforced:
    The reinforced cuff (popular name is the stuffing box) serves to compact the shafts of the knots and details of the rotation: shaft, rocker arm, crankshaft, flywheel, gear, gearbox, reducer, etc. Due to the ellastic edge on the side of the inner hole, which in most cases is urged Spring, the reinforced cuff keeps the grease material (saltolol, lithol, etc.) from the leakage from the bearing rotation zone
    Structure of the stuffing box:
    Arm cuff (gland) is a rubber or polyurethane part of a round shape with a hole, consisting of a metal reinforced curved ring and in the vast majority of cases - ponds-rings of the clamping ring to the shaft of the inner edge of the cuff. Depending on the shape of the section, there are more than 20 types of cuffs reinforced. However, the most common are only 2 types: TC and SC (single-breasted and double-breasted gland). The popular name for the double-breasted cuff of the cuff is "an omentum with anther".

Weight, kg0.005
Inner Diameter, mm22
Height, mm6.5
External diameter, mm32
  • Комбайн зерноуборочный JOHN DEERE
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