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Балансир косы жатки комбайна John Deere
Балансир косы жатки комбайна John Deere

Pitman Arm John Deere

  • H86911
  • Product code: AV-39

Pitman arm for combine harvester John Deere grain header  - series: 213, 215, 216, 218, 220, 222, 230, 810, 812, 814, 816, 818, 820. OEM #H86911

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Балансир косы жатки комбайна John Deere
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    Rocker scythe reaper harvester John Deere

    Manufacturer: Agro Parts
    Country of origin: Italy

    Spare harvester reaper JOHN DEERE.



    Transfer vilchatogo oscillating movements of the shaft to the head reaper scythe.

    Used to replace worn or damaged parts during repair work.



    Cast steel product is a complex spatial form with a hole for mounting on vilchasty shaft at one end and a mounting hole of the head of the balance on the other.

    The surface of the treated parts painted.

Weight, kg1.46
Inner Diameter, mm38
Length, mm80
Dimensions - Height, mm177
Dimensions - Width, mm95
Dimensions - length, mm90
Overall width, mm85
Number of fixing holes2
Distance between holes for attaching, mm72
Height, mm167
Number of cutters12
Диаметр внутренний42

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