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Коса жатки комбайна Claas - сегментная 9,0м [Rasspe]

Claas header skid - segmented 9.0 m [Rasspe]

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Применение Запчасть жатки комбайна CLAAS.   Назначение Обеспечение качественного срезания стеблей зерновых культур. Работа в составе пальцевого...

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Коса жатки комбайна Claas - сегментная 9,0м [Rasspe]
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Scraper head harvester Claas - segmented 9.0 m [Rasspe]

Manufacturer: Rasspe
Country of origin: Germany

Spare part of the combine harvester CLAAS.



Ensuring quality cutting of stalks of cereals. Work in the structure of the pin bar of the header.

Used to replace worn or damaged parts during repair and restoration works.



A complex assembly unit consisting of a plate on which, with the help of rivets or threaded fasteners, a certain number of cutting segments and the head of the braid are installed.

Weight, kg26
Length, mm9300
Working length, mm9000

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