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Грязесьемник (пыльник) 24х32 для комбайна Claas [Original]
Грязесьемник (пыльник) 24х32 для комбайна Claas [Original]

Scraper sealing ring 24x32 [Original]

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Application: The mud-seal (popular name - duster) serves for protection against hit in inside hydraulic system of third-party particles, than prevents destruction of its internal elements. Structute: The mud-seal (boot) as a rule has a ring form of rectangular...

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Грязесьемник (пыльник) 24х32 для комбайна Claas [Original]
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Gryazesemnik (boot) 24h32 Combine Claas [Original]

Manufacturer: CLAAS
Country of origin: Germany

Wiper (popular name - boot) is used to protect from falling into the interior of the hydraulic system of third-party particles than it prevents the destruction of internal elements.

The structure of the wiper:

Wiper (boot) usually has the shape of rectangular rings, one corner of which is elongated edge. Depending on the direct application of specific nodes hydraulic agricultural machinery systems used scrapers of various forms. The basic material is a polyurethane and rubber (NBR - nitrile rubber) for the manufacture of wiper. Also, as the material can serve fluoroelastomer FKM / FPM or EPDM rubber. Construction anther can contain within itself or on its outer side armovannoe metal ring. Wiper also can be a double, performing hydraulic cuff function.

The product of Teflon as a hollow cylinder with a shoulder and a hole in the side surface for fixing.

Weight, kg0.01
Inner Diameter, mm24
Thickness, mm4
Dimensions - Height, mm15
Dimensions - Width, mm40
Dimensions - length, mm40
Height, mm7
External diameter, mm32

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